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Curt Speaker & Coach

Focus, Collaborate and Inspire

I am inspired every single day by Sonny's LinkedIn Videos. In each of his videos, he teaches me how to focus, collaborate and inspire -- and I know he is having the same impact on thousands of others. I can also tell by his work with Roots for Boots that he is making the world a better place by serving those who have served us.

Laci Marketing & Brand Strategist

Authentic inspiration

Sonny has built a large and fiercely loyal community on LinkedIn through the development of his brand and the simple, yet effective, communication of his values and vision. If you are looking for unfailing and authentic inspiration, click on sonny's profile and make sure to connect.

Brad Owner

Invaluable advice

Jake is a goal oriented and focused professional that understands marketing and not only that, but how to make marketing work for different industries. More so than his knowledge and professionalism is his integrity and humility. If you have the opportunity to work with Jake don't pass it up!

The Founders ‚Äč

Two guys, one mission.

Jake Jordan

Jake is an award winning marketer, passionate speaker, and often retained consultant.

Sonny Tannan

Sonny is a proud veteran, award winning business developer and passionate philanthropist.

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