My hashtag during the campaign is #ImpactOverAttention. I used a handy acronym to help remember the steps to creating more impactful messages:


Grab your 1-page cheatsheet right here!










Want some more explanation on how each of the 9 steps above work? I’ve put a video for each of them below to watch. They are only3-5 minutes each, so should be easy to breeze through if you want more 🙂


Tip 1 – Mindset

Tip 2 – Individualize

Tip 3 – Marry Your Message

Tip 4 – Be a Profile Pro

Tip 5 – Ask Questions

Tip 6 – Create Emotion

Tip 7 – Take By the Hand (Text only post)

You know those pictures that get shared where a tile is turned the wrong way?

The ones that just drive the OCD brains crazy!

Well that’s what it’s like when leave parts out of an impactful content campaign.  Your brain literally looks for other things to fill that void your content has left. That is not how we communicate in person, so why do we leave people hanging online?

Today is about ‘Taking People By The Hand’

Once you establish who you are talking to, and have discussed their current pain, DO NOT – I repeat DO NOT jump straight to the sales pitch! All you have done is show that you understand where they are coming from.

You still have to show people what success looks like.

They need to know that you are taking them to the aspiration they want. That blissful spot they are headed to with or without you. So show them success through the eyes of your current or former clients. Take them by the hand and prove to them you know what their desired future looks like.

How do you show success through the eyes of your client?

Tip 8 – Reduce Fear

Tip 9 – Underline the Important

Tip 10 – Learn To Do Better

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