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Real Life Solut​ions

Training, consulting and speaking tailored to your team,

to solve your challenges.


Looking to improve a specific skill set? We provide focused trainings to help you close the gap on a current need. 


Learn how to unify your strategy and personalize your approach from 20+ years of experience in digital sales and marketing.


Bringing in an outside voice to educate and inspire often spurs on conversation that enables positive change.

What others are saying...

Better than any course could've offered...

I learned so much about digital go-to-market strategy than any course could've offered. Jake is a teacher, thinker, mentor, visionary and integrator...a Jake of all trades.

ASHTON ADAIR  //  Director of Culture & First Impressions

Thank you...

Jake continues to provide tremendous value and expertise to those of us fortunate enough to work with him. He understands the mindset of customers and helps you to align to ensure you are attracting the right customers to your message.

MARK STEEL //  Trainer and Speaker

Ready to talk?

We love to help teams create impactful and profitable connections through social media. Let's see if we are a fit for your group.

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