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In-person and virtual workshops to give you the roadmap to succeed in social media.


The people who consistently create opportunities online are the ones who know how to engage in conversations of value and transparency. Imagine if you could find and talk with potential clients with the confidence that they would consistently open up opportunities.

For 20 years we've created paths to engage people well, and studied the science on why it works. Now we want to bring you the roadmap to what other businesses have benefited from for years.

Small Groups

Do you have small team that wants to learn how to seek and engage potential clients or supporters online?

Small groups are awesome for a lot of engagement and tailored situations. We love to do virtual, 1/2 day and full day workshops with a group under 25.

Large Groups

Have a regional or national teams with 25 or more people? 

We enjoy taking teams through concepts, exercises and break out sessions so everyone can leave with practical next steps.

Virtual Workshops 

Do you like to maximize the use of technology in your workplace?

We offer a some of the most effective virtual training available regardless of the location of your team. 


Sonny and Jake run amazing in-depth but practical workshops. They focus on the thing that matters most... the client and how they can grow a business through effective use of a genuine brand message.

Amy Blascka Author, Trainer and Speaker

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